Sportsbook Arbitrage and Other Ways to Make Money

Sportsbook Arbitrage and Other Ways to Make Money



Arbitrage in sportsbooks is a great way to take advantage of different sportsbooks’ odds and make a profit. This involves placing multiple bets on different games with higher odds than the bookmaker’s odds. While arbing is completely legal, it is important to use a variety of accounts to hide your arbing activities.

You can also make money by using arbing software to place bets on multiple sportsbooks at once. This way, you can focus on other aspects of sports betting while arbing software takes care of the work for you.

Exotic bets

Sportsbook exotic bets involve wagering on a horse’s next race with higher odds than a regular bet. The payoffs for these bets are often very large. These bets can also be placed through betting exchanges. These sports betting exchanges operate similarly to traditional sportsbooks, but they often charge lower commissions. Some even have no-commission bonus periods and free accounts. However, be aware that winnings from sportsbook exotic bets may be capped.

Point-spreads are a popular form of sports betting. They have a wide range of outcomes and are made on both sides of the game. These types of bets are typically priced in multiples of 100 points, which makes them easy to calculate. There are also rules associated with point-spreads.

Alternate lines

Using alternate lines in a sportsbook can increase your profits. Traditionally, there was one betting market – the spread and the total – and two options for betting on a game. Now, sportsbooks offer a variety of additional betting markets, including alternate lines. Using alternate lines is a great way to increase your profit potential without risking your money. It is important to note that each team has a different betting line.

For example, if you bet on the Super Bowl, you could bet on the Under. Because the total for the game was low due to the struggling offenses of both teams, it’s easy to make a profit with an Under bet. The same strategy can be used to profit from alternate lines in basketball. In fact, some sportsbooks will offer NBA spreads and totals as much as 10 points off the current number. You can then bet on these options while the game is still in progress and find better odds.

Pay per head solutions

If you are looking to expand your sports betting business, Pay per head solutions can help you. Unlike traditional bookmakers, who can only afford to hire one or two employees, Pay Per Head providers can provide a full suite of sports betting software solutions. These all-inclusive software packages are available for a weekly fee based on the number of active customers.

The top pay per head software will let you dig into the numbers of both individual players and your entire player pool, which will give you a deeper understanding of how the players behave and impact the outcome of a game. With real-time data, you can make more informed decisions to boost your bottom line.